Urban Car Simulator

Urban Car Simulator

91.3% (Ratings: 80)
Version: 1.5
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 2.3
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Urban Car Simulator — this is a great simulator, playing which you can feel like a real supercar driver! Ride around the whole city, where you may find something valuable and interesting. Inside the car's interior, there is an excellent 360-degree view. The toy has a working dashboard, rear mirrors, and a realistic view from the window. Many people will have a question - why is it so good? It's about the developers who put their heart into this racing simulation so that all users will like it as much as possible.

Game customization is an important part of every project, and you should be responsible for it! Turn on the music, and go to the unique and unforgettable races! Be extremely careful, not always high speed can help, in most cases, because of it, people get into accidents. If you suddenly get lost and don't know where to go, you can quickly solve all the problems with the help of interactive tips.

The fuel level is an invaluable part of the game process, so you need to keep an eye on it first. If you see that the gas will soon run out-run to the gas station. So that during the trip, some strange things do not happen, you need to close the car doors tightly. There are buttons on the side of the smartphone screen, but they are inactive, so it's worth remembering this fact.

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