Snow Leopard Family Sim Online

Snow Leopard Family Sim Online

88.5% (Ratings: 496)
Version: 2.4.6
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.1
Nowadays, there are many very successful simulators, and one such interesting game to be right in front of you, its main feature is that you have to take control of the snow leopard, and then worry about his survival.

In the game you have to solve a lot of tasks, in order to ensure the normal existence of the leopard, feed it, defeat a variety of enemies, slowly raise the levels, and soon your ward will grow and become much stronger. Other predators that can cause problems to your family, there are many, but there are several ways to overcome them. For example, as you progress through, you will be able to collect under his leadership, a lot of predators, and a large flock of enemies are not afraid. You can still raise your own levels, and become the most powerful creature in the game. Snow Leopard Family Sim Online, you can have only for the sake of such.

The graphic component here is very good, we can not say that the world is a delight, but it was worked out quite well, so at least disappoint you certainly should not. The toy turned out to be somewhat heavy, but it is undemanding to your device, and you can run it almost all around, even on old smartphones, there should be no problems.

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Comments (2)
    ABHILASH 15 February 2021 06:10
    I like this game because its really good
  2. rayne
    rayne 19 December 2020 02:26
    Can you please let me play this game