Voyage 4

Voyage 4

89.2% (Ratings: 1524)
Version: 2.73
Category: Racing
Requirements: Android 4.4
Voyage 4 is a game about the Russian driver who explores the domestic roads and passes interesting missions. The key goal of the game is to ride on a passenger car from Magadan to the Crimea bypassing home cities and great views, banners, advertising signboards and some sights, which occur at the route.

After downloading and installing the game, you are able to proceed directly to the subjugation of Russian roads since the game is not required to register or kind of something. Nonetheless, the novice players should become familiar with the control bar in order to learn peculiarities of driving simulators like that.

As for the controls, it remains untouched from the previous chapter of Voyage 4 and the amazing journey of the main character of the game. Moreover, you should monitor the vehicle conditions, change gears timely, and don’t mess up with the acceleration and brake pedals.

There is also a dashboard in each vehicle together with highlighting, mirrors, and headlamps as well as the detailed driver’s hands. Over time, you will be able to unlock new vehicle parts and change the wheels and engine, add xenon lights and other useful stuff to make your car better and more customized. The first your car would be Lada Priora – the dignity of the national vehicle industry.

The driving simulator Voyage 4 is also has a few features and opportunities:

  • the well-designed graphical interface of the game as well as the gameplay mode;
  • a lot of additional details and other car parts for customizing your vehicle;
  • you can pick up to 10 different vehicles to ride;
  • every vehicle has the authentic parameters information;
  • day and night changes together with the weather volatility;
  • quite simple control over the chosen vehicle;
  • The best optimization for the vast majority of the devices can be reached using setting and software console.
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