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Version: 11.0.1
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 2.3
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Solitaire has always been very popular, even if some people treat them dismissively, they just do not deserve such an attitude, on the contrary solitaire is able to please almost everyone. Here and here before you one such excellent solitaire, initially it gained popularity in the form of a table card game, but we got acquainted with it, at the moment when it appeared on the computer, among the standard games, now a similar game, millions know.

Here in front of you something that strongly resembles its computer version, but at the same time, has a lot of key differences from it. The gameplay, however, has not changed, but the management has been perfectly optimized, and it is adjusted to the mobile device, with touch control, during the passage, you will not face any difficulties, on the contrary will be able to solve difficult problems with one finger. Solitaire, you can already exclusively for the sake of such a set of features. Graphic design, here is quite simple, but for the most part quite nice.

The game turned out to be well optimized, it will have to go perfectly even on older smartphones. In addition, the application is very light, and should not take up on your device, so much space in between the launch, you will not even notice it.

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