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Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne Mobile

89.8% (Ratings: 59)
Version: 1.7
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 2.3
Max Payne Mobile - is considered the best shooter designed for use on mobile devices and tablets. The company RockStar Games has invested Titanic efforts and efforts to create a masterpiece in its genre, which displaces analogues and cheap attempts to implement something like competing firms.

The plot is simple and does not require global involvement, it is only necessary to find out that your character, a valiant law enforcement officer, want to be accused of committing a brutal murder, which he did not actually commit. We'll have to run and hide from the cops, former colleagues who prowl and pursue on the heels. In parallel, the trail came and thugs, hired bandits who want to kill the main character for the sake of hiding the truth that he knows.

Cult for the beginning of zero toys were able to transform, make more modern, optimize for smartphones and other devices, expanding the user audience to the limit. Now even the feeble single-core gadgets are pulling the power of the application at minimum settings. In addition to technical issues, and surprise the quality of study levels and adding the ability to interact with different objects. The coolest thing in the gameplay – slowing down time, which allows you to quickly and without any problems to destroy enemies.
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