Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2

87% (Ratings: 77)
Version: 1.176
Category: Sports
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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Simple controls with original physics – this is exactly what you like in this gameplay. Here the player will take an active part in various levels and Championships and everywhere will need to take first place, proving to his comrades and online enemies the strongest professional superiority in this sport.

Playing in multiplayer mode, you will show all the achievements and become a world football star. Of course, you will need to make a huge amount of effort and effort, but as a result you will expect a wonderful reward.

You each time will raise the level of their characters to soon they turned into real football players. Initially, you need to choose an individual appearance for your own player, and then you will win many Championships, earning an unrealistic number of game levels.

You can arrange a lot of great competitions with your friends, challenging them on each task. To Head Ball 2 and get an advantage, you will be able to use a special amplifier, and they will be able to dominate the process of this match. Get the awards of Champions and the greatest football players of all time, and become the leader in the big ranking system.

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