Blocky Parkour 3D

Blocky Parkour 3D

90.1% (Ratings: 131)
Version: 2.4.1
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.1
Parkour has always enjoyed a high level of popularity, so there are many games dedicated to it, but here is quite an unusual game. Here you will have to perform a variety of tricks in the cubic world of Minecraft. And the game is definitely worth paying attention to, something like that, just does not exist anymore, the thing is absolutely unique.

Your main task in the game will be to move through the levels. Overcoming a variety of challenging levels. Often there are really difficult obstacles that make you think. Blocky Parkour 3D, you can already for the sake of such a set of advantages. Blocks here can meet a variety of, for example, lava. If you step on such a block, you will instantly die. Sometimes you will have to make really incredible jumps in order to move through this area.

To pass, you need to find the orange block, just touching it, you can count the level passed. At first, it is easy to achieve it, but the complexity is growing regularly. So the longer you play, the more difficult it will become for you. There is a game editor, thanks to which, if you want, you can easily alter and modify the levels to your liking, changing them almost as you like.

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