Fake call - prank

Fake call - prank

72.3% (Ratings: 47)
Version: 0.44
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.0
A false Call is a sufficiently interesting and at the same time necessary application in modern life. You will be able to decide for yourself where, and also in what situations it is necessary to use a false call. The wife does not want to let go to talk to friends? No problem, turn on the app, and pretend that you call the boss and urgently calls to work.

Tired of talking at a party, but you can not say this directly, then make a call from your mother, or other relatives, because in this case, your departure will be due to something. This is a fairly easy-to-configure app that you will definitely benefit from. By the way, you can make a draw of your friends or relatives thanks to this application, from which everyone will be able to get real pleasure for a long time.

Using special graphs, you can create your own personal "fake" challenge. Use this program in a huge number of different directions, making fun of relatives, or just to get away from some place.

The program that you can Fake call - prank, is fully free, like all calls, so for the money on your mobile account is not to worry. Use the utility as much as you need, and in any place, because it can perform all its basic functions in any position.

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