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Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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Rider is a 2D racing simulator where the key goal of a player would be to reach the point as far away from the start avoiding all the obstacles at the path and jumping over the impossible platforms using your vehicle. Each trick and jump that you will perform while getting to the next platform, you will receive bonus points. Moreover, if you will able to perform the flip in the air, you could get more points.

As in the case with various games from Ketchapp development studio, the in-game control system is quite understandable. Just touch the device’s screen in order to accelerate your vehicle. Don’t forget to perform different tricks to get the extra bonuses.

You can also utilize the gems in order to unlock some new vehicles for the further gaming process. You can pass the levels with your one vehicle that is available for each player when starting a new game. While proceeding a game you will get bonuses and gems to unlock new desired vehicles both cars and motorbikes.

As for the graphics of the Rider, it is quite simple. The background of the gaming application is presented in a form of the black screen whereas the paths are designed with an attractive fluorescent color. This color scheme helps the user to focus on gameplay and not to get distracted by foreign objects. The games should take the efforts and would soon the gameplay is rather straightforward.

The player would have to explore large locations and to train own skills to proceed all the levels available in a game. Handle the vehicle in the right position and try to put it on wheels to proceed the path. If the motorbike or a car would fall on the ground incorrectly, the vehicles would crash and you have to restart the level.

The major features of the Rider:

  • more than different 40 vehicles that will allow you to pass the levels with their own charm;
  • over 30 various awesome levels;
  • the opportunity to share your high scores with friends.
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