Duddu - My Virtual Pet

Duddu - My Virtual Pet

89.9% (Ratings: 218)
Version: 1.61
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Duddu - My Virtual Pet - is a unique opportunity to please a child with a cute pet. Every kid dreams of his own dog, but not many parents can afford to have a puppy, because it requires a lot of time and attention, which the modern man almost no. With this application you will be able to meet the need of the younger generation in the care and make happy cute dog.

A new friend though requires a lot of attention, but caring for him does not cause any difficulties, because the mobile device is always at hand, You can feed, play or conduct hygiene procedures with Your pet. Download my virtual pet Dudu for Android can users of different age categories. Toy brings responsibility, promotes a sense of duty.

Take care of the four-legged companion need quality, if the animal was attacked by fleas or hair began to fall out, it is necessary to prepare a medicinal potion and treat the sick dog. To buy a variety of amenities need in-game currency, you can earn it by taking an active part in the mini-games. Colorful graphics and a lot of different missions are designed for long-term use of the software and deserve high praise from critics.

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