Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D

85.6% (Ratings: 871)
Version: 24.4.2
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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Pixel Gun 3D is the gaming application where your primary goal would be to fight with colleagues or friends in within the pixel world. Playing that game, you are able to create a character as well as to have the opportunity to customize it as you wish.

As you could get, this game is a multiplayer action that has a significant number of features that are available for the user. Each player is able to utilize the dozens of weapons including magic wand, combat rifle M-16 as well as the other powerful weapon to defeat the enemies. You can also communicate with other players to coordinate your powers via the built-in chat.

There are several game modes available including classic deathmatch, life-or-death games, squad battles, capture the flag mode, and joint survival mode.

The campaign mode of the Pixel Gun 3D has presented a new experience for the user. The Pixel Man get into a strange situation since one night, dozens of scary zombies attacked the farm. Then he finds out that these zombies are everywhere not only at his property. Can he get ground why the mess with the zombies has begun? Play for the main character till the very end and be ready to discover the original genuine secret of the gameplay. The survival mode is an additional game mode that allows the user to test your surviving skills. How far can you pass playing this mode? How long can you survive?

If you want to become friends with other user when battling or chatting, thus everything you need to do is to click at the username and send a request to add this person in the list of friends. Then you are able to create a squad in order to battle with the other squads and check your joint achievements.

Moreover, we may note some key aspects of the Pixel Gun 3D:

  • a significant number of game modes;
  • more than one hundred types of various weapons;
  • over 35 gaming locations and maps;
  • an ability to chat with other users when battling.
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