Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing

86.8% (Ratings: 189)
Version: 3.17.4
Category: Racing
Requirements: Android 4.1
Are you ready to take part in extreme races and prove with your victory that you are the best? Speed paired with reaction will be your only allies. Here you can rely only on yourself and your skills. Go through all the available tests in this game and can rightly call yourself a real master of racing. Do you want to feel the speed already? Then you need to Stock Car Racing.

In this game you will be waiting for a huge number of different tracks, which will be held competitions. They differ not only in duration, but also in shape, that is, the number of turns. A detailed study of each of them will allow you to win all the time, because your opponents are ready to do anything to defeat you, so you need to be ready for even the most unpredictable actions.

This game also has a large number of different modes. You can compete in time mode or take part in a multiplayer game over the Internet, etc.. Also you will find a huge number of sports cars available to choose from. You have the opportunity to try them all in the case and prove their superiority several times.

These races are distinguished by realistic graphics, as well as good physics, which is even better felt thanks to the control using the accelerometer. Acceleration and braking is performed by pressing the individual touch keys on the side of the screen. You will also enjoy the sound of the game in the form of realistic atmospheric sounds of the engine and wheels.

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