Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game

Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game

90% (Ratings: 70)
Version: 2.0.30
Category: Strategy
Requirements: Android 2.3
In our time, gladiators are very popular, it just so happened that they have been attracting the attention of people for many years, there are a lot of good movies about them, and it is not without games, both computer and mobile versions. And it is one such game, now in front of you, you will get the opportunity to take control of the Gladiator, in order to participate in numerous and bright battles, defeating any enemy who only risks to get in your way.

You will not fight alone, collect your own powerful squad, thanks to which you will win more decisive victories. Do not forget to take care of the really high combat capability of your squad, because it depends on it, your victories or defeats. To begin with, you will be engaged in the purchase of slaves, and then raise them from the most real warriors.

In terms of pictures, everything turned out more than on top, the world is very interesting, and just worked out. However, at the same time, we must admit that most of the characters, frankly cartoon look.

Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game, you can all fans of interesting, and most importantly fierce battles, if you consider yourself a similar connoisseur, then you do not need to pass by, do not even doubt, here you will not remain indifferent.

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