85.3% (Ratings: 685)
Version: 1.20 b112
Category: Adventure
Requirements: Android 4.4
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LIMBO – an amazing game that instantly gained recognition among users of mobile devices. First, the popularity of stunned pounced among consoles, then moved to various operating systems of portable devices, but less popular from this did not become. Here you will not see the graphics, from which the jaw drops, dazzling special effects and sophisticated gameplay. In the toy became precious, first of all, the atmosphere and presentation, different from similar applications and unlike anything else. Your mission will be to save your own life in all possible ways.

Despite the gloom and a certain depressive feed, unexpected plot solutions developers genuinely able to surprise and even laugh users. Little black man, funny moving around the vast world, constantly experiencing stress associated with lurking dangers and traps, placed in the most unexpected places.

The original reason why the character was here – the search for the missing sister, lost in this cruel and frankly hardcore world. You will have to strain your brains and make every effort to solve the puzzles and not fall dead from an unsuccessful step. External simplicity hides a deep meaning and striking message.

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Comments (2)
  1. Shafiee
    Shafiee 16 May 2020 11:18
    Why the app says won't run without google play service.. Which are not supported by my device.. Why.?? Pleasee help me..
    1. Eddy
      Eddy 5 June 2020 06:42
      You might have disabled, removed, or not updated google play services

      Most games need google frame work inorder to work, its worse if u tempered with google. I can remember afew years back i removed playstore and play services damn! I started getting errors everywhere on google untill i sold my phone and bought a new one

      But you could try removing google dependancies using lucky patcher but with games with separate data it wont work.