Parkour GO

Parkour GO

84.4% (Ratings: 45)
Version: 2.53
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.3
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Parkour - in our time is frankly a popular activity among young people, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that over time, game developers have come to him. So here you can watch an interesting game dedicated to this somewhat dangerous, but at the same time frankly fascinating occupation.

You will be able to create the most incredible acrobatic stunts, gradually gain access to all new locations, and just have fun in the wild, and there is a lot of entertainment here.  You can be more than sure that the shortcomings you will not find here.

In terms of graphics, however, it turned out not very well, but to say that it is bad, it is impossible to determine, just a few weak, but three-dimensional. So the sight of some acrobatic tricks that you can do here is literally breathtaking, you will agree that it is impossible not to appreciate.

Parkour GO, you can have only for the sake of complete freedom, any level is made so that when passing, you can do what you want, because in fact the options for passing, frankly a lot. So even if you want to play one more time, and perhaps a few, you will be able to pass the same levels, and each time to see something new. Also here is a multiplayer mode, which also agree very well.

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