80.2% (Ratings: 81)
Version: 3.3.7
Category: Board
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Probably many have heard about the existence of such a really good Board game. So here, you can watch her mobile version, which also turned out, I must admit, quite a cheerful. So if you've ever played it in real life, and you liked it. You can safely play here, it will at least disappoint you just should not.

Once you have to prevent your opponents here are real people. Therefore, you will need a fast, mobile Internet, for full work. Otherwise, it will work with solid interruptions, or just slow down, which will undoubtedly greatly prevent you from enjoying the process. Although the single mode is also there, but unlike multiplayer, it is not particularly interesting.

Starting to play, you will have to create an account and register. But do not be afraid, everything is very simple and intuitive, so that the registration will take you just a few seconds. In addition, for registration, you can use your data from social networks, which will not only simplify the process. But will allow you to play simultaneously on multiple devices.

Farkle, it is possible. True fans of Board games, something like this should lead to a real delight.

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