Baby Panda’s Summer: Café

Baby Panda’s Summer: Café

77.1% (Ratings: 83)
Category: Educational
Requirements: Android 4.2
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Open your own children's cafe, which will be visited by many funny and cute animals. You need to devote their own time to work in a unique cafe, where you expect an incredible number of unique missions and tasks. You will play with good animals that will visit your cafe every day and eat great and extremely tasty dishes.

After downloading the game to your smartphone you will have the opportunity to prepare delicious cocktails, incredibly pleasant and delicate-tasting desserts, as well as juicy dishes from which everyone will salivate. Also, you have to not only work in the kitchen, but also to sell all the food, and after the closure of a small restaurant to clean everything and make cleanliness until the next visit of guests.

It is also constantly necessary to hire a new quality staff that will delight an incredible number of visitors the quality of the dishes. In your children's restaurant will appear even more animals from which you can get a good cash profit.

You expect an incredible number of guests, as well as orders, which will have to be sure to cook for a certain amount of time. You will learn to cook unique dishes that are ordered exclusively by individual animals. Do not forget Baby Panda’s Summer: Café, and perform an incredible number of interesting missions.

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