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Version: 0.4.9
Category: Music
Requirements: Android 5.0
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Incredibox – this is a marvelous music application in the genre of video game with great animation and addictive plot. With its help that users, no matter how proficient in music industry they are, will be able to create melodies and combine various rhythms and already created beats by simple taps on the screen. Developers will provide users with a great beatboxers team and these characters will help players to create dynamic compositions.

Specifying, in this application users will be able to choose from six unique music style they want to write composition in. They are 1) The Original, 2) Small Miss, 3) Sunrise, 4) Brazil, 5) The Love and 6) Alive. Besides, for getting some inspiration, users can easily access already created compositions library and listen to some beats.

What is also extremely cool, is that level by level users’ compositions will diversify, and so players will get basic skills in music writing. Therefore, this application can become a great helper for students that have problems with sense of rhythm and insecurity in their capability to cope with this creative task. So music teachers can use Incredibox straight on the lessons and in this way they will make their way of giving the information more informal and fun.

And apart from all of the mentioned positive features, you should not forget that this app is super useful in cheering someone up, because it will be impossible not to smile when you get eye-pleasing picture alongside with great music of all genres that can be created yourself just in one place!

To sum it all up, Incredibox is a total revolution in mobile music industry, because by making this application with its super easy management and inclusive concept with various amazing game details, developers proved that such form of art, as music is available for everyone.

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  1. Andis Volkovs
    Andis Volkovs 13 August 2020 18:00
    i will download this for sure
  2. Farsima
    Farsima 2 June 2020 13:32
    Very good game
    1. Jekly 13
      Jekly 13 21 June 2020 03:16
      yep it's sure is...