Bu the Baby Bunny - Cute pet care game

Bu the Baby Bunny - Cute pet care game

84.1% (Ratings: 113)
Version: 2.6
Category: Educational
Requirements: Android 4.1
Unique gameplay will help you to improve every time, as well as learn something new. Soon you will turn into a unique person who will move towards his goal every day, despite the obstacles and problems.

We must always remember that in an attractive person everyone should have their own support, so you need to take care of your body, dress nicely, and eat good and proper food. Try to fulfill all the desires of the little rabbit, feeding him food, as well as giving the opportunity to become much bigger and smarter.

Immediately after downloading this game on your smartphone you will settle a real cute virtual pet, which will constantly try to advance to the winning line. Try to take into account a lot of their own abilities and skills, with which the life of a rabbit every day will improve and become even more interesting.

You have the opportunity to give your beloved pet a good and quality life in which he will be in chocolate. Use your own goals to achieve good results. The game will give you great graphics, as well as the ability to Bu the Baby Bunny - Cute pet care game to also enjoy the excellent gameplay.

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