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Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3

95.2% (Ratings: 166)
Version: 6.113.200
Category: Music
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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Magic Tiles 3 - piano simulator. A very popular application, which was downloaded by about ten million people around the world. Simple and intuitive interface attracts the eye, and self-extracting music from the device allows any user to feel like a virtuoso at the Conservatory. By downloading the program to your phone or smartphone, we get to the main menu, where the minimum set of settings.

We can change speaker volume, cover color scheme and level. Presses start. The screen is divided into four parts and from above, as if in Tetris, black rectangles begin to fall, which are responsible for a certain note in the work. By timing by clicking on the tile, we get the original melody. The game goes to the first miss. The more time we devote, the higher our skills will be.

Also, in the toy there are different types of losses: long (at the touch of a finger), busting (slices on the display) and zigzags. For skillful handling of music are awarded stars and gifts that open other songs in the playlist. A well-known blogger from England built a unique machine that with the help of controllers, tablet and Iphone broke the world record, which at the moment is 22 thousand points. The video on YouTube has garnered nearly 32 million views.

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