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Version: 11.2
Category: Photography
Requirements: Android 3.0
ANIMOJI IPHONEX emoji - this mobile tool is an amazing substitute of such application, as Snapchat, because it automatically finds user’s face, takes the picture and suggests to put various emoji stickers on it. So in fact this application is a fun messenger for sending animated videos that will perfectly help users to distract from every-day problems.

In animoji users get the opportunity to personalize these stickers, as there is an option of voice recording with sound effects that imitate the way dogs, cats and other animals speak. Besides, there are such advantages of this application, as simple interface, eye-pleasing design features and save button that allows to download recorded video for other entertaining aims. What is also important, it is completely free to use and requires a tuition fee only in case you would like to get access to some premium stickers and effects, so it is quite beneficial.

Generalizing, this application will become a great time killer for kids and a good alternative of boring messages, as the representors of Z generation are constantly looking for something brand new. Therefore, no doubts that this project is exactly what can please them.

But there are several disadvantages of this project. Firstly, developers did not upgrade app’s version and currently its opportunities for owners of iPhones 7 are rather limited. And also they did not make though stickers and design for kids’ parents, and though they are not in the target audience group, they will definitely not be excited about such a foolish app.

But overall, Animoji for iPhone X is a good representor of the applications, developed in this genre, as it takes a small amount of phone memory space and has as great quality of shoots and amazing technical features, as other apps of this kind do.

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  1. Vhuhwavho
    Vhuhwavho 17 February 2020 15:48
    Hi my friend is so good at the Animoji I love it so much