Yandex Browser with Protect

Yandex Browser with Protect

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Category: Browsers
Requirements: Android 2.1
One of the most successful software to find the necessary information in the network is Yandex Browser with Protect for Android. The application has extensive functionality to any owner of a smartphone or tablet to move freely in the vastness of the world wide web. Intelligent address bar, equipped with special tips, which greatly simplifies the search for the requested resources. And thanks to the turbo download mode, even with slow traffic, you can safely visit your favorite pages of social networks, watch videos and play audio files. The new version of the search engine used color design, which has become much more pleasant and interesting.

The creators of the program have tried to simplify access to the Internet, many users and their mobile devices. One of the key features of this search engine is security, it notifies you of suspicious pages, closes access to virus programs on unfamiliar links, protects you and your electronic funds from the actions of scammers. If the Wi-Fi network found by the electronic gadget can harm it, you will immediately receive a notification. Also, one of the nice features of this software is considered to be blocking from annoying ads, at any time it can be turned off, forgetting forever about the services, offers and products that you still do not use. Now you can download Yandex Browser with Protect for Android, which supports additions to other search engines Chrome, Opera, Mozilla and freely go on a virtual journey from your mobile device to unknown places without leaving your own apartment.

Numerous users have already given their preference to this application. Carefully designed user-friendly interface makes it possible to quickly open pages in just one click on the screen or voice dialing. Now the transition between the tabs is made by simple flipping, and the address bar is located at the bottom of the page. If desired, you can add your favorite pages on the scoreboard manually, fixing them so as not to lose sight of them. As a result, we have a colorful modern application that using all its multifaceted capabilities, will comfortably enjoy all the delights of the Internet.

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