WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

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Category: Social
Requirements: Android 4.0
WhatsApp Messenger - brings to an end the time of expensive negotiations with friends, family and friends. Now you can make absolutely free calls to different parts of the country or even talk to friends who are abroad, without fear that the operator will send you a bill for a tidy sum. A lot of advantages of this wonderful app have made a revolution in the field of mobile communication. You can send thousands of SMS messages every day that do not suck money from the balance for each symbol.

This messenger uses Internet traffic, through which there is a connection of mobile devices created on the basis of the Android operating system. To download WhatsApp Messenger, do not make much effort, you do not need to register, you just need to follow the link and install the utility on your tablet or smartphone. Next, enter the phone number and create an account, congratulations You are in the zone of visibility.

Also, you do not have to puzzle over the choice of the interlocutor, the question of which friend to call or write, completely disappears because now you can create group calls and chats and always stay in the circle of your company. Such functions are widely found in business and in the organization of school events, you can easily communicate quickly with colleagues and not sending everyone the same message.

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