Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4

88.6% (Ratings: 132)
Version: 1.6
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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There is no better pastime than playing a great arcade game. When you go home from a trip, or from work, you can easily play this amazing toy with a red ball in the lead roles. Time with this toy flies very quickly.

You-a small but very brave ball, with which you will be for sixty levels. With each new level will be more difficult traps that you can overcome if you try hard. Your main task - is not to die, because the obstacles that will come across on your way-very difficult.

Dangerous black cubes want to take over our universe by making it square. You must prevent the coming catastrophe! Go on a long journey and battle with the cubes, returning the planet to its former appearance. You will get into difficult and impassable situations from which the exit will be very difficult to find.

Jump on all possible platforms available, jump over the abyss, as well as slide on the most amazing and exciting places on our planet. Also during the game it is necessary to collect a lot of different bonuses that will help your ball to get various improvements. Enjoy a great game, and be sure not to forget Red Ball 4. Victory is very close!

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