Find the words

Find the words

87.8% (Ratings: 213)
Version: 2.44
Category: Quizzes
Requirements: Android 4.2
A great way to have fun while away a free minute and a little escape from the routine of everyday life exciting fun Find the words. Sophisticated user who is already tired of simple games, where the complete passage of the next level steadily takes a little time, will like this mobile application. Absolutely any owner of a tablet or smartphone is free to download Find the words on Android on our website. To do this, just a couple of clicks and this application will instantly move to your electronic device.

Fans of Hungarian crossword puzzles, will be able to appreciate all the charm of this application, which is significantly different from the games where the user is initially invited to choose the right words. Literally with each stage passed the complexity gradually increases without leaving the user immersed in the fascinating process. As many as 700 levels allow the player to actively show their high erudition. There is always a simple way to make it easier for yourself puzzling task, independently selecting the desired category of the 30 likely that are most interesting. But for people with fairly high intellectual abilities, the developers have made it possible to combine the game, connecting several separate categories while increasing some complexity.

For beginners, the creators have introduced a system of tips that can introduce anyone to certain rules, as well as quickly come to the rescue of all who do not have the patience to find the hidden word. Pretty nice and moderately bright interface, perfectly complements a good impression of the game. The game menu is made simply so that the active user does not spend precious time searching and various settings of the necessary special options. Everyone can download Find the words on Android and try your hand at finding the right words for free.
Anyone who wants to spend a pleasant evening in search of solutions to intellectual problems, has the opportunity to easily join the fans of the above game. Test yourself at different levels of complexity, choose the necessary combination of letters and unravel 400 thousand words skillfully disguised by programmers, only a real scholar.

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