Durak Online

Durak Online

79.6% (Ratings: 49)
Version: 1.9.15
Category: Casino
Requirements: Android 4.0
Card games have gained their fame many years ago, so even in the progressive age of all kinds of electronic gadgets and digital technologies, they do not lose their wide popularity. Especially for passionate fans of national fun Studio R-Soft LLC has developed a mobile application Durak Online on Android. Experts have tried their best, creating a pretty beautiful, modern graphics that goes well with your favorite game.

In this game, card battles are actively taking place online with opponents from all sorts of countries located in different parts of the world. The classic rules of course remain unchanged, their main goal is to throw off all the cards that are on hand, thereby ensuring victory. The last player left with one or more cards is traditionally considered a loser. In addition, all who hastily left the battle before its end or do not have time to make a move in the allotted time is clearly defined, automatically registered early defeat.

the Mobile application has broad additional parameters, so absolutely anyone can successfully test their strength in fights that take the table from two to six opponents. The rules allow you to throw up several cards at once at will at a time and cancel random, unexpected moves. Initially, it is possible to select the mode of the game translation, as well as allowed preference opponents which will be able to throw up the cards in the future, all or only the extreme participants.

the Developers prudently provided their offspring with some clear advantages over the existing closest analogues. For example, a single system is available quite a variety of the best achievements, with the real possibility of their full preservation and binding to Google account. Therefore, anyone can freely easily download the game Fool online for Android, regularly take an active part in gambling battles and confidently defeat strong opponents from different countries.

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