Cover Fire

Cover Fire

91.3% (Ratings: 80)
Version: 1.27.02
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
Bright game in which you have to take part in numerous battles with a variety of, but in any case dangerous opponents.

Here you can choose a variety of characters, each of which will have its own unique but interesting abilities. Which will undoubtedly be of interest to you. Well, understand your passage of the game will depend solely on your choice. After all, the different capabilities of the character will allow you to use for the passage of a particular strategy.

Also at your service, there will be a huge selection of weapons that you can choose from a truly huge Arsenal. And yet, you will be able to lead a squad of fighters who will help you win, much more effectively. The squad is better to keep balanced, type different types of fighters, and more effectively destroy the enemy.

Also pleases the additional game mode, where you can clash with huge crowds of enemies who will press literally from all sides.

All locations are worked out in detail, and they are also original. So, moving from one to another, you will constantly see something new, so that game you do not get bored.

Cover Fire, if possible. The game turned out to be very interesting, and can delay you for a long time. Especially if you love shooters.
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