CubeX - Cube Solver

CubeX - Cube Solver

87% (Ratings: 316)
Category: Puzzle
Requirements: Android 5.1
Before you is a well-known and has long become a popular game, which is a great puzzle. On the smartphone screen you will see a great and beautiful Rubik's cube, from which it is very difficult to break away, starting to play with him. You can use two ways to enter the state of the cube: initially, everything can be done with the help of improvised means, and the second option involves a scan using the camera.

In this game there are some features, unraveling that you can come to quick decisions of all available tasks. There is a choice between two available mechanisms that have two possible execution methods. You can also read the manual for use, as well as for convenience to save the gameplay. In the toy developers often release various updates, with which it turns not just into an interesting, but also in a quality game. Call your friends and play with them!

In this game, great graphics and sound, attracting gamers from the first minutes after launch. Because of the bright pictures you will only get incredible pleasure if you can CubeX - Cube Solver. With a simple and intuitive interface, the toy can be played by users of all ages.

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