Hellish Neighbors

Hellish Neighbors

86.7% (Ratings: 555)
Version: 1.5.5
Category: Puzzle
Requirements: Android 2.3
Hellish Neighbors is a well-known game that was primarily developed for the PC platform. After downloading this gaming application, you will be able to get on each other's nerves. Quite nice graphics, a significant number of traps together with unique humor as well as the intuitive to use controls that would help the user to get success while playing this game.

The name of this gaming application has become more understandable when the player saw how the main character of the game Woody visiting someone’s house. The main character has prepared a dozen ways how to make fun of the annoying old neighbor. You are able to produce a great number of tricks, traps, and shenanigans enjoying the unbelievable reaction of a neighbor and attentive audience.

First and foremost, we should note that this application enables the user to implement all the crazy plans of the main character to become Hellish Neighbors with your major antagonist. The next your objective would be to stay undetected. You should explore the behavior of a neighbor, follow his movements, and plan your actions as well as choose the right moment to produce another trap. You are also available to become a great villain for a while by downloading and installing this gaming application.

The game has a large number of levels to pass so you will never get bored there.

The features of the Hellish Neighbors:

  • the player has the right to move around the rooms, explore the wardrobes and corners to seek useful items, which can be used for producing of some new trap;
  • monitor the neighbor’s behavior in order to create unique tricks;
  • use has the ability to hide at the wardrobe and other rooms to avoid the meeting with a host;
  • get the neighbor angry and deserve the best audience reviews as well as to beat the high score.

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