Walk Master

Walk Master

92.7% (Ratings: 422)
Version: 1.56
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.4
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Walk Master - is a rather interesting and fun toy that has elements of a complex arcade with a simulator walk. And so, you need in the role of various characters to pass a lot of interesting locations, while moving with the help of stilts, which is why you will be quite difficult at the initial level to move in this game. Initially, you may find the gameplay quite easy, if you get the hang of it, but then you dramatically change your mind, because with each new task will be more and more difficult.

The developers were able to add to the toy a large number of breathtaking tasks, with which you will have a great time. Learn to walk again with the help of stilts! Throughout the gameplay you will be able to discover new wild animals that will also try to learn how to move on stilts. Try to improve your skills, setting new records. The game has cool music that will set you in a good mood, and you are waiting for a great cartoon graphics.

game Features:

  • Cool graphic design;
  • A large number of hardcore missions;
  • The set of characters — wild animals.

Walk Master will allow you to become a real master of walking, show your friends what you can do!
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