Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate

Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate

88.1% (Ratings: 3700)
Version: 3.1.1
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 2.2
Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate is a game, which has become the legend. This gaming application was released in the distant 1995 and become the surprise of the year in the gaming industry of that time since it has new improved graphics as well as the more fascinating gameplay. This application is a full copy of Mortal Kombat that was available for the game consoles. The gameplay and graphics stay untouched.

The third chapter of this fighting gaming application continues to show the user hot battles in challenges that can be crucial for the survival of the planet. We are sure that the vast majority of old-school gamers would be proud to install this application and enjoy the gameplay. Pick one of 25 famous characters and take a part of the awesome tournaments.

The graphics of the game is pixel-based. That fact can be useful for those players who wanted to feel nostalgia playing that old-school fighting game. The controls are quite simple and performed in the form of a joystick with additional buttons. If you can’t use buttons when battling with the opponent, you can lock it in the configuration.

Remember the past with great pleasure when fighting with the opponent or the artificial intelligence choosing various fighters from the fantastic world of the Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate. Exchange the series of attacks with your enemy and destroy him after the victory. Don’t forget to use the special skills of a chosen fighter and the most famous skill of the entire fighting world fatality.

We would like to highlight the following aspects of the Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate:

  • incredibly exciting old-school gameplay mode;
  • quite understandable and easy-to-use controls;
  • a significant number of gaming modes;
  • a wide range of battlefield to choose in order to defeat your major enemy there;
  • the most powerful and well-known fighters ever with a combination of unique skills.

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    axelelellina 21 March 2023 11:29
    Need game save to file
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    I need a game not a file 😡😠😠
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    Benson woriayibapre prosper 7 January 2023 04:40
    How to download ultimate mortal Kombat Mk3 sega game in android
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    Ngalamulume 19 May 2021 17:20
    Comment télécharger Mortal Kombat Trilogy sur l'appareil Android ?
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    How to download MK 3
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      How to downl
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    Devendra 10 May 2021 21:04
    Quality isn't is excellent
    ABHISHEK RAIKWAR 23 April 2021 20:45
    Hii ABHISHEK Plaice Ultimate Mortal Komtat
    1. imean
      imean 6 October 2021 21:12
      i cant play this game my model hansset
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      imran 6 October 2021 21:13
      i want to play ultimate mortal combat 3