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Version: 9.0.13
Category: Music & Audio
Requirements: Android 4.0
Zaycev – useful and simple functional application with which you can committed to download free music on the Internet.

After installing and running the application, you need to read the instructions that will tell you about the main features of the application. Moreover, the instruction is written very clearly, so that even people who are far from all this will be able to understand it.

After you read the instructions, you can go to the working window of the program. Without an Internet connection, you will find that the app has detected all the music on your device, and added to the playlist.

Externally, the program looks pretty simple, but it's good, because there is nothing that could distract from the work. However, in terms of graphics, the program looks quite nice, and for the most part pleasing to the eye. Special shortcomings are not observed.
To download music you need the Internet. The moment you download a new song, it will automatically be added to the list for listening, and you will be able to enjoy the music.

In addition, another additional advantage of the program can be considered the ability to synchronize the application with the social network Vkontakte. You can save your favorite music on your smartphone, or just listen to it.

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