Farming Simulator 16

Farming Simulator 16

86.3% (Ratings: 2950)
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
Farming simulator 16 – this is a bright role-playing video game with amazing interface and huge game maps and opportunities for improving your business that is developed by Giants Software game company.

In this application, users will possess the role of busy gardener that has a huge debt, issues with harvest and fastidious customers. All the tasks players will face are rather realistic, so game play will be interesting for novices in agricultural world (and what is also important, rather convenient), but people who are knowledgeable in this sphere will be surprised by well-detailed beautiful graphics and convenient management features.

In the 16th version of Farming simulator users are provided with big activities choice – they can plant vegetables, fruits and flowers, switch up to poultry and animals breeding or may start with silviculture works.

Apart from the main industries, players can get profit from apiaries and greenhouses and as it is obvious that all of that can not be done by one player, that can cooperate with their friends and even get bonuses of their team-work or make new friends just in this application.

But those people who are considering Farming simulator 16 as an entertainment should bear in mind that this simulator is narrowly focused that they previously should get acquainted with basic terms. Nevertheless, that feature should not be considered as a disadvantage, because in this way players can expand their personal horizons and continue learning process while relaxing from workaday issues. Well, moving to cons of the application, it is worth mentioning of physics game side – it requires improvement, though it does not really affect the quality and made impression.

And in summary, those people who are excited about old-fashioned working machines will be positively impressed by this app, as there they can find whatever techniques models they want and, in addition, they will be able to modify it and variously personalize.
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