Tricky Test: Get smart

Tricky Test: Get smart

83.6% (Ratings: 55)
Version: 64
Category: Quizzes
Requirements: Android 4.0
If you are tired of the same type of simple puzzles, then maybe you should try to download the game Tricky Test: Get smart on Android? Only in it to solve problems will need to shake your phone, turn it and take other incredible actions. Never before have puzzles had so many tricks!

The application contains more than 45 completely different puzzles, to solve which you have to show all your ingenuity and logic. 92% of the players in this game could not pass it the first time. Try it and you, and remember that you need a non-standard approach! Only if you look at the problem with an open mind, you will succeed and pass all levels.

The game has the most simple interface to immediately immerse you in the gameplay itself. Tricky test puzzles for those who can not live a day without interesting puzzles. This is a completely new approach to the genre of logic games, as you will see from the first seconds, as soon as you start this application.

This game is a great way to test how you and your friends are able to think outside the box. But do not think that the answer will always be incredibly difficult. No wonder they say that the best way to hide something is to put it in plain sight.

The game has a nice unobtrusive design and a good atmosphere. Hurry up to download it and test your logic!

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