Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game

Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game

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Version: 2.18.0
Category: Sports
Requirements: Android 4.1
You are a novice football player who wants to build a good career and become famous all over the world. But nothing just happens, so you have to go the hard way from an unknown athlete to a football legend, coping with all the difficulties.

First you will play for little-known clubs, and no one will pay attention to you. But after a few goals scored and brought victories, you will start to move up the career ladder. You will be supported by fans, club coaches and sponsors, and your salary will grow. You will leave the old clubs to join the more famous and promising ones.

And so it will continue until you reach the top of your glory. Your fate is in your hands! Train your skills, look for your own style of play, but remember that football is a team sport. If you do not let your team down, then the overall success will be yours, but if the club is defeated, the shadow of shame will touch you.

In General, you have to sign contracts with clubs, train, find reliable sponsors — in short, do everything that real players do. You will visit the most famous stadiums in the world and become the best of the best.

Download the game Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game to start your football career and declare the world a new champion!
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