Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

90.3% (Ratings: 4720)
Version: 2.3.8
Category: Adventure
Requirements: Android 7.0
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Hello neighbor is an amazing tactics quiz game with elements of survival horror project developed by tinyBuild company. Here players will have a tough assignment of competing with artificial intelligence in non-standard mini-games.

Specifically, developers will move users to another apartment, where they will have a strange neighbor, who is seemed to be hiding someone in the basement. This neighbor is an artificial intelligence, so it will not be an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, players need to find out true intentions of this mysterious character and overcome various obstacles for reaching the safe environment.

At first, you need to develop your action strategy and feel the game specifics for coping with this task. When missions become more complicated, this game play become more interesting and make users addicted to it in a while. Besides, developers of Hello Neighbor provide players with beautiful graphics and bright animation that increases the desire to continue playing.

What is also extremely important, this application gives users the opportunity not only to entertain themselves, but to develop creativity and movements’ agility, and as these skills can be transferred to the real life, this game consists of the educational component as well.

Though there are some disadvantages of this application, such as unrealistic physics features and restricted opportunities, concerning the upgrading process of your character this application will become a great distraction from daily issues and will amaze the fans of that game’s genre.

That’s why in case that description sounded interesting to you, but you did not try such quiz games before, do not miss this incredible opportunity to download Hello neighbor for getting some new experience and positive emotions out of the game play quality.
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