The Escapists

The Escapists

93% (Ratings: 4258)
Version: 636064
Category: Strategy
Requirements: Android 2.3
The Escapists is an authentic 2D simulator where players are required to try on the role of the criminals who are going to escape the prison. However, for the implementation of this plan, the player still needs to resolve numerous conundrums and puzzles, to care about strategic planning, and try to escape the prison as the result.

Each level is representing one or another prison location. Each subsequent location would be harder than the previous one. For example, with a more complex level, you will face more smart enemies and the reinforced level of security. It will take a lot of work for the successful walk through the levels of this strategy.

The developers of The Escapists were provided the player with well-designed gameplay – the players are required not only to think about the escape plan but also are obliged to follow the established prison schedule with a main character of the game. For example, each player’s morning starts with roll call so you cannot hide and escape this moment. The next action will be the breakfast, work time, dinner and other usual practice as for the prison.

In addition, the players would face to cell toss so it is essential to hide each prohibited item to hard-to-reach places otherwise you will lose them all and get a punishment in a form to detainment in a punishment cell.

While playing The Escapists you should not waste the free time of a character and keep in mind to watch the security guards behavior, to seek for some useful stuff, to find and recognize exits location, as well as to collect the items that would help you to escape the prison.

Downloading and installing the game, you will learn how to create the weapon using some scrap materials such as socks or a bar of soap. You are also available to customize your character – just visit a gym to gain great conditions.

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