Bob The Robber 4

Bob The Robber 4

93.6% (Ratings: 125)
Version: 2.57.0
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.0
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Many have been waiting for, and this is done - you can now download Bob The Robber 4 on your smartphone. On past series already many familiar hero Robin hood, and now Bob again will emerge on your the screen the phone. It has changed significantly compared to the previous parts. The main character of the game is no longer engaged in petty theft, and works with a well-known group. They have only one goal-to save humanity and the whole world. In this noble mission decided to take part petty thief Bob.

He goes to a hidden laboratory, which is located in the dungeon. Download the game, and quickly go to their aid. The main character must find all the documents and files as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this is quite difficult to do, because throughout the territory there are surveillance cameras. If penetration is recorded, then for you the mission will be over, and you will have to start all over again. There are also many guards armed to the teeth.

Bob is an experienced guy, so he took with him everything you need for a tough thief. He has a night vision device, as well as various lock picks, with which it will be easy for him to open any door.Enjoy different locations, each with a different set of scenery. You will see a lot of enemies and traps on your way. Good luck and good passing!

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  1. Dairon
    Dairon 21 February 2021 04:36
    Bob el ladron 4 es uno de los juegos mas entretenidos q hay