SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

90.2% (Ratings: 82)
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 3.0
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SimCity BuildIt - is a great application that is an urban planning simulator from the famous developer Electronic Arts. According to the idea, we are presented with a port of one of the most popular media amusements SimCity. The user is given a unique opportunity to feel like the mayor of a small town and take care of its inhabitants. The consultant of this event will be a nice girl Eva. It will help you learn the basic principles of the game, tell you what to do first.

First of all, we pave the way from your fresh settlement to the Central highway and erect several residential buildings. After that, people will come to your city, who will be able to settle in it. Next, we build a warehouse of building materials and begin the development of the industrial complex and energy. We must make every effort to make citizens feel comfortable and in high spirits.

the Authors have tried very hard, creating a three-dimensional image of objects with the ability to scale, so the graphics in the game is striking in its splendor. High-quality detail is noticeable at maximum magnification and causes a lot of positive emotions. Music also leaves a pleasant impression, so the life of a small town completely tighten the player in an unusual and colorful world.

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