Fantasy patrol: Adventures

Fantasy patrol: Adventures

91.6% (Ratings: 214)
Version: 1.201222
Category: Adventure
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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Fairy Patrol: adventures is an exciting adventure toy designed for children.

You have to choose one of several beautiful witches and go on a journey through the fabulous world, using a skateboard, rollers or scooter. You will come across a variety of creatures to defeat, which can be with the help of magic and sorcery.

The game is a real cartoon with interactive scenes, where the choice of the user depends on the further development of the storyline. Fantasy patrol: Adventures and defeat the Anguish is completely free. The gameplay is made in a very simple format. That is, you will see one of the main characters and a certain task that you need to perform. For example, ride a skateboard, fight with mice using music or win the battle with other unknown creatures.

I am glad that the game is fully translated into Russian, there is a huge number of colorful locations, funny characters and simple controls. By the way, the latter are responsible for taps and swipes on certain parts of the screen. If you have children and they have nothing to do, then this toy is perfect for whiling away your free time.

game Features:

  • Great animated graphics with beautifully drawn locations;
  • 4 unique heroines with their own skills and abilities;
  • About 40 exciting mini-games;
  • Battles with a variety of fabulous creatures and wizards;
  • Excellent music.

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