94.1% (Ratings: 68)
Version: 5.0.26
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.1
Your attention is an entertaining toy original performance, in a completely new style, which is now available for all gamers who have tablet computers or smartphones on OC Android. Even you can not doubt the storyline and gameplay will surprise you with a very pleasant side.

The game has a very common goal is to conquer large territories. Every gamer who happened to, a certain area is given, which you need to fill as quickly as possible with your own chips. Who will be able to capture most of the territory, he will win a real victorious success in this difficult competition.

Do not take care of the chips, you need to make a lightning filling. But know that nothing is ever easy. Each of the opponents has its own unique thinking abilities, reaction, speed and ingenuity. It is necessary to develop a certain effective strategy in order to defeat opponents.

The playing field will be depicted in a snow-white background, and players will have hexagonal chips with different colors. Try to build a large area of blocks and the enemies will no longer have space for its filling, after which you will be the winner. Other participants in the game will act with special cunning, in connection with which you will be required to be extremely careful.

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