Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

87.5% (Ratings: 288)
Version: 11.1.4
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.0
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Hungry Shark Evolution - is a dynamic arcade game, the main character of which travels in the underwater world. In the center of the action fascinating mobile application voracious shark. All her time she spends in search of a variety of food. You will have to help aggressive fish to find food, starting from birth. A small shark can do with a minimum, while large individuals have excellent appetites.

First, you will have to hide from dangerous predators, so as not to accidentally appear as a dinner. It is necessary to be afraid and other inhabitants who can poison you with poison. But in the process of passing, when your ward will gain the right weight and reach impressive size, you will be able to show teeth and eat everything. With each period, your prey becomes bigger and tastier.

Absorb divers they have a lot of protein, or you can devour peaceful tourists, their body is rich in vitamins. For each successful Breakfast lunch and dinner, you will earn experience points. Over time, your ward will become a real threat to small yachts and small underwater vehicles. For the passage of all sorts of missions gamer charged game currency, which can be spent on pumping a ferocious monster.

This is an exciting puzzle game for mobile devices based on Android. This media fun is a continuation of the popular series of games about uncompromising fight between birds and pigs. The user is given the opportunity to fully control a group of feathered fighters and all forces to protect the territory from the treacherous attacks of green enemies. The developers have added the ability to fight with friends and buddies in multiplayer.

in fact, the gameplay has not undergone much change, but with one cardinal change-from now on there is not a primitive two-dimensional, and modern three-dimensional graphics component. The rest of the toy has retained its charms. This is a fun logic arcade game, the main purpose of which is to destroy pigs with the help of birds.

Competently use all the combat potential of your team to inflict maximum damage to the enemy. For the successful completion of missions Hungry Shark Evolution you will be awarded game points, all sorts of rewards and bonuses.

Graphics and sound, as well as the famous predecessors are made at a very high level. 3D format allows you to portray even more picturesque characters and locations. Modern continuation of the series, be sure to appeal to many fans of Angry birds.
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