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Version: 2.249.0
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.1
Solitaire - painfully well-known sticky game, which is well known to office workers and users of the first personal computers. Now you can play it on portable gadgets such as a smartphone and tablet. It is difficult to find a person who knows about Windows XP, but has never played solitaire, by default set in the start menu. Computing abilities for this kind of applications do not need much, because it can handle even a simple budget phone.

In the program, as well as in the regularity of any card toy, there is a certain principle that should be strictly adhered to for successful passage and showing high results. The rules are elementary, and even a schoolboy can understand the essence, not to mention an adult educated person. However, to a greater extent, this application is designed for those who once faced with solitaire and their varieties.

The graphics and realism of the deck of cards is stunning, and the unobtrusive sound will set up a relaxed, calming mood, without loading the user. You can use hints in an unlimited number, if you suddenly get confused and can not understand the sequence of card order. Experiment, change shirt styles and fully immerse yourself in nostalgic motifs.

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