91.5% (Ratings: 94)
Version: 4.10
Category: Racing
Requirements: Android 2.3.3
The number of racing simulators is extremely large, probably, even it will be difficult to count how many of them now exist, and at the same time the number of such games is growing regularly, here before you, for example, one such game.

The graphics turned out to be insufficiently worked out, moreover, many cars are quite mediocre, as well as the surrounding world. In some places you can see quite a large number of various bugs that you can be sure will annoy you while spending time. The main drawback is that the surrounding world is rather poorly developed, and the car as a whole. But in General, if you do not find fault, the graphics can be called tolerable, it is understood only as a game on a mobile device. But the sound here turned out to be very good. And undemanding game to your device, so you can safely run it on most modern devices. REAL TAZs, you can already for the sake of this. The game is perfect for all owners of old devices who want to play something new.

You should also pay attention that in the game you will find a lot of different tracks that will be able to please you, there are both quite easy and extremely difficult locations, they can cause a lot of problems.

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