My Talking Dog 2 – Virtual Pet

My Talking Dog 2 – Virtual Pet

86.5% (Ratings: 52)
Version: 4.2
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Nowadays, everyone loves pet simulators, so there is absolutely nothing surprising in that. That there are more and more of them. The creators definitely understand what people need, and try to give them as much as possible.

A series of games that began with talking Tom, but is rapidly developing so far, giving us in the process, a lot of popular and interesting characters, which is a pleasure to mess with. Here before you is another such character, which turned out to be frankly successful and original, and the game as a whole will not disappoint.

As in other games, you will have a lot to mess with your pet, feed it, and take care of in every way. The needs of the animal will be incredibly many, but without you, it is absolutely, nothing is capable of, so try to take care of it properly. As in the other games in the series, here you will also find a solid selection of mini-games, through which you can earn virtual currency necessary for the existence of a pet. The graphics in the game are just on top, as your pet and the world around you, have been worked out really well, so look at them, one solid pleasure.

My Talking Dog 2 – Virtual Pet, you may well, if you want to get a pet, but can not, for one reason or another. The game will calmly help to correct such a misfortune.

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