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Version: 1.9.3608000
Category: Sports
Requirements: Android 2.3.3
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EA SPORTS UFC® - the American organization which is engaged in carrying out fights on the mixed single combats. EA sports decided to release a mobile game for the owners of smartphones and tablets. Let's see what the main menu looks like. In the toy there is a scale of energy, but its number does not affect the ability to participate in battles. What is it necessary for? We can start the fight and find out. When loading, the player's character is displayed on the left and his opponent on the right. All the characters are real, and exist in the real world.

In the middle of the display is a table of characteristics, where everyone can learn the strengths and weaknesses, and what energy is needed. Each point increases the power, and the easier it will be to cope with the enemy in the ring. The control method is very simple. Graphics looks quite nice, but one past that it is impossible to pass is discophonia texture fighters.

To perform light strokes, you need to stomp to the top of the display to beat the average, will come to the rescue swipe to the right, if you hold diagonally, you get the crushing force of the plop. For the block quickly double click on the display. In addition to the rest, the athletes accumulate special techniques that are pumped in proportion to the increase in the level. Use them to knock out the enemy faster.
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