Alice and The Magical Dragons

Alice and The Magical Dragons

94.3% (Ratings: 371)
Version: 1.7
Category: Adventure
Requirements: Android 2.2
Alice and The Magical Dragons - will absorb you completely and pull you into an extraordinary Universe filled with magic, magic and fantastic events, unusual in a simple life. This adventure was deservedly recognized as the best project of the outgoing year of similar adventure toys.

The application contains a very interesting storyline that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of magic and dragons, amazing creatures by nature. Quite inexplicably, how, but Alice becomes the chosen girl who can see dragons. Surrounding people, relatives, friends, absolutely no one sees the mythical creatures, only the main character. Interested in this phenomenon, the girl seeks to delve into the cause of the phenomenon and soon realizes how deeply involved in a difficult case.

The magical dimension is not particularly hospitable to strangers, because you have to prove that you are worthy to be surrounded by shamans, wizards and sorcerers. Among mages there is your associates and opponents. The first will fully try to help and assist the successful passage of various locations, when the second are able to impose a curse, enchant and build all sorts of machinations. Solve mysteries and get bonuses that you can use to buy upgrades.

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