YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup

87.8% (Ratings: 49)
Version: 6.0.1
Category: Photography
Requirements: Android 2.1
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YouCam Makeup – a specially designed program designed for the fair sex. All girls love to apply makeup, decorating themselves, experiment with blush, lipstick, arrows and shades of shadows. The search for a new, ideal, expensive not only in time, but also in money. Just imagine: buying cosmetics, trying to make high-quality makeup, which has never been resorted to before, and other wisdom. With this program, all manipulations can be implemented in a second.

The app works with the camera, identifying your facial features and applying a given make-up to their parts. Any make-up can be realized in an instant and you will definitely see how you can make yourself brighter, more attractive, more interesting and more beautiful.

A realistic case of a makeup artist turns into a small compact icon on the screen of your smartphone, when you start it, any reincarnation is at your service. The interface is clear and elementary so that even a child can understand it. The accuracy of applying make-up is maximum, because if the camera is good and has high definition, you can not be afraid of lips on the chin or eyelashes on the eyebrows. The range of cosmetics is incredibly large and will make any lover confused to apply a tone, emphasize the lips and stick eyelashes.

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