Winx: Butterflix Adventures

Winx: Butterflix Adventures

93.2% (Ratings: 2324)
Version: 2.0.01
Category: Role playing
Requirements: Android 4.4
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Winx: Butterflix Adventures is a lovely 3D game for the fans of the famous fairy club. The team of goblins headed by Brafilius has aroused fear in the magical school. First and foremost, you should stop the villains at any cost. For this purpose it is necessary to you solve various logic tasks, avoid insidious traps as well as to collect valuable items like keys, cards, and outfits you must have seen in the 7th season of a great cartoon show.

The storyline of the game tells us about several charming fairies Winx. A fairy Bloom with her best friends keeps finding themselves in the various adventures. While passing these adventures the fairies are improving their skills and getting new unique transformations when defeating the most dangerous enemies.

This game provides the user with the opportunity to play for the fairies. The main characters of the game would be outfitted with sharp suits, which would necessarily to make happier all the fans of the amazing cartoon with the same name. With the exception of the above, a wide range of unbelievable sights awaits you in this game.

As for the updates with the previous chapter of Winx: Butterflix Adventures, there is an easy-to-use control bar together with 360-degree view camera.

The major features of Winx: Butterflix Adventures:

  • a very interesting gameplay mode because of the storyline where your key objective would be to save the world from the goblins guided by Brafilius;
  • lots of different sharp suits and accessories;
  • a quite simple and easy-to-use control system even for novice users as well as for kids;
  • a significant amount of hard to solve puzzles;
  • a wide range of different characters to choose;
  • the possibility to customize the chosen character to battle the more powerful enemies;
  • an ability to explore the detailed in-game locations with large territories.

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  1. Gloria
    Gloria 7 November 2020 07:26
    I love it, i love winx butterflix adventure
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    Stacy 7 November 2020 07:26
    I love, love, love, and love it
  3. Gloria
    Gloria 7 November 2020 07:25
    I love it, nice .. i love winx butterflix adventures
  4. Gloria
    Gloria 7 November 2020 07:23
    I love it, so cool
  5. Duda
    Duda 17 August 2020 23:07
    Eu queria ter
  6. Lizzy
    Lizzy 23 May 2020 18:53
  7. Haziqa
    Haziqa 20 April 2020 12:51
    I like winx club butterflix adventure
    1. Gloria
      Gloria 7 November 2020 07:27
      Me too, Haziqa