Pedometer - Step Counter

Pedometer - Step Counter

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Version: 5.49
Requirements: Android 2.3
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Pedometer - Step Counter on Android is a great application for people who closely monitor health and want to stay in shape. To start the pedometer, press "Start", the program works in any conditions. Put your mobile device in your pocket or purse and don't worry about a program crash. Convenient and accessible for users of different ages program will help in the fight against excess weight for free. Experts recommend to achieve this effect fast walking, a day you need to make ten thousand steps. It is impossible to determine this amount independently, especially for this purpose the program was developed.

The information is provided to the user in the form of a chart. The service menu has several sections in which data is stored for different periods of time. It is possible to detail information for a certain period, or find out how many steps were taken in a week, month or several days. Pleasant interface will please with its aesthetic appearance if desired, you can change the screensaver by selecting your favorite theme provided in the mobile tool.

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Go to the menu and specify your gender, age, weight, and other parameters that will appear on the screen and Pedometer free download for Android will automatically calculate how many steps you need to do to burn the desired number of calories. In order to avoid outage of service, turn off phone lock because the device may cease to count the steps. It should be noted that this is not a problem in the widgets, these are the characteristics of some smartphones. To get the exact number of steps taken, adjust the sensitivity of your mobile device.

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